BNC Twinax is also known as Twin BNC connectors, terminating to coax, PCB (printed circuit board), or terminal. Plug or jack genders are both available with 78/95 ohm impedance, operating from 0 to 200 MHz. Because of the improved shielding characteristic (>30dB), the BNC Twinax connectors function in balanced low level and high sensitivity circuits. BNC Twinax connectors are built to precise RF and microwave industry specifications, featuring keyway polarization to ensure system integrity and prevent signals from being mixed, making them ideal for computer network applications.
BNC Twinax connectors are available in multiple interfaces including bulkhead, 4-hole panel, or mountless options. These BNC Twinax connector designs include clamp/solder, crimp/solder, or solder attachment methods.


  • Polarized key and keyway construction guarantees correct dual contact mate
  • Twinax center pins can be crimped or soldered to provide dual signals from one connector
  • Large threaded connectors designed for rugged use
  • Crimp contacts ensures lower cost of installation
  • Clamp assembly allows quick assembly without requiring special tools
  • Two Stud bayonet design allows quick and easy coupling


  • Broadband
  • Military
  • Instrumentation


BNC Twinax Connectors Specifications
ImpedanceNon-Constant (Can be used with 78 and 95 ohm twin conductor cables)
Frequency RangeDC – 200 MHz (DC – 5500 MHz with Caution)
Voltage Rating
     Keyway Polarization500 Volts Peak
     Contact Polarization100 Volts Peak

Note: These characteristics are typical and may not apply to all connectors.

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