With a view to produce superior products for customers, JAW-DROPPER actively introduced advanced automatic machines. Currently there are several brand-new CNC automatic lathes, automatic secondary processors and other semi-automatic precise machines. Through the smooth operation of the qualified engineers, our products are more stable in quality and efficient of capacity. we are equipped with 30 precision CNC automatic lathes from Citizen Inc., Japan, as well as a series of precision measuring and QC inspection instruments. we are able to steadily improve technological know-how, lower defective rates, which already helped us to build a solid reputation.

JAW-DROPPER are fully capable as an OEM/ODM machinist which can process copper, C3601BD,C3602BD,C3604BD,5441(Phosphor Bronze),17300(Beryllium Copper),2011,6061(Aluminum), 12L14, 1144,(SUS)303, 304 stainless steel.

Machining Range : Ø.5mm~25mm
Machining Tolerance : Under 0.01mm
Features : High-difficulty operation of lathe turning, milling, drilling, grinding, and polishing.

We offered parts of connectors such as , MCX, MMCX, SMA, SMB, SMC, BNC, N/TNC, FME, RCA JACK/PLUG, F SERIES, Y TYPE, PAL SERIES, UHF SERIES.BANANA PLUG, AUDIO JACK/PLUG. Others parts such as semiconductor parts, electronic parts/components, auto/motorcycle parts/accessories, parts for medical instruments, PC parts…etc

Item NoMachining RangeModelFunctionQuantity/Sets
CompoundBasicSide MillingReverse Side
Citizen R-044 mmVVV2
Citizen B-1212 mmVVV9
Citizen B-1212 mmV11
Citizen B-1212 mmVV3
Citizen C-1616 mmVVV2
Citizen B-2020 mmV2
Citizen B-2020 mmVV1
Citizen L-2025 mmVVV1
Total: 31 (Sets)

CNC automatic lathes 03

CNC automatic lathes 02

CNC automatic lathes 01



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