Jaw-Dropper BMA blind mate connectors series presents an outstanding range of products featuring high reliability and ease of assembly. The BMA connector offers precise mating and excellent VSWR performance from 16 to 22 GHz. This series of connectors are designed to ideally suite rack-and-panel applications with appropriate float-mounted jacks, building block systems such as radar, where reliability, durability, and performance at high frequency is essential.
Jaw-Dropper BAM connector series also offers efficiencies in the areas of higher package densities and effective real estate. They connect and disconnect quickly and offer slide-on mating without sacrificing superior microwave performance.


  • BMA Connector Max. Operating Frequency of 22 GHz
  • Excellent VSWR as low as 1.2:1
  • Float-mount versions available
  • Gold-Plated BeCu BMA connector contacts
  • Fixed and float tolerances, connector-to-connector
  • Float mount spring loading and mating forces
  • Density of connectors in multi-connector arrays
  • Panel deflection


  • Airborne and ground radars
  • Active electronically scanned array antennas
  • Rack and panel telecommunication equipment
  • Military microwave modules


BMA Connectors Specifications – 50Ohm
Impedance50 Ohm
FrequencyDC – 18 GHz
DC – 22 GHz
VSWR (Max)1.05 + 0,0100 x F(GHz)
Insertion loss (Max)0.03 (GHz) dB
RF leakage (Max)( 90 – F(GHz)) dB
Voltage rating350 V Max
Dielectric withstanding voltage 1000 Vrms
Insulation resistance (min)5000 MW

Note: These characteristics are typical and may not apply to all connectors.

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